Split System Air-Conditioning:


Split system air-conditioners are ideal where you only need a few areas cooled/heated. These are great for the budget and are a quick way to create comfort for the essential areas of your home.

Because we are licensed Electricians as well, we offer a great, one-stop service, from supplying a split system air conditioning unit, installing the indoor and outdoor units and also wiring the required circuit back to the switchboard.

There are many different types of split system air conditioning installations that may be required depending on the location. The easiest and cheapest option is the back-to-back air con installation. With this method, the outdoor unit is directly behind the indoor unit location. The outdoor unit can be mounted on a slab or on wall brackets, depending on requirements.

Some situations will require more complex options for a split system air conditioning installation. This involves extended pipe runs or if the outdoor is located high on the wall of a multi-storey building. The outdoor unit can also be installed on a roof or the indoor unit may require a condensate pump. Any advanced installations or special situations require a free of cost site visit to make sure the pricing is correct.

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Hints and tips:

What is standard installation

What is a Standard, Back to Back Installation?

  •    The Indoor Unit is installed on or against an external wall
  •    The outdoor unit is installed on an existing flat and level surface
  •    Maximum refrigerant pipe length between the Indoor unit and outdoor unit is 3 meters
  •    Maximum drain length of 5m
  •    Maximum power circuit length of 15m
  •    Includes capping and isolating switch as per AU Standards


What is not included in a standard installation?

  •    Any additional parts or extra costs
  •    Switchboard or mains power upgrades


How to determine what size Air Conditioner you need

First you will need to find out the size of the area you will be conditioning in square meters (m2), make sure you take into account any hallways or rooms which you cannot seal off

Once you know how big the area is, use the table below to decide on the right air conditioner for you. Don’t forget, large windows, heat loading, ceiling heights and room use all play a part in calculating your unit size. If you’re not sure, contact our friendly staff.


Approximately   20m2


Approximately   26m2


Approximately   40m2


Approximately   48m2


Approximately   55m2


Approximately   61m2


Approximately   69m2

Getting the right sized air conditioner is more important than you might think.

Having a system that is too small can shorten the life of the air conditioner, since it has to work harder to heat or cool the room. This also means that it can take much longer to reach the temperature you want, or never get there at all. Your power consumption will also rise, meaning any savings you made on the initial cost of purchasing the system will eventually be outweighed by the increase to your electricity bill.

If you are ever unsure about what sized air conditioner you need, contact our friendly staff to arrange on onsite quote.


Ducted Air-Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal when you want to cool or warm an entire house. Ducted systems are zoned to allow cooling of different areas at different times. Your home can be divided into individual zones for each room of the house. These zones help to improve efficiency and reduce running costs especially during those warm Brisbane nights.


With ducted air conditioning systems, your indoor unit is hidden away in your roof and you will only see vents in the rooms and a larger return air vent. Ducting carries air from your home to a filter then to the air conditioner where it is then heated or cooled to keep your indoor air temperature constant. This enables one ducted air conditioner to serve your whole home.

What Is Zone Controll?:

Ducted air conditioning with Zone Control capabilities allows for different zones (areas) to be set up in your home. The system adjusts airflow through dampers to control the air conditioning of the zones to reach the desired temperature.

Zone Controller allows for up to 10 zones to be set, where users can rename the zone on the easy-to-use backlit wired controller. For example, Zone 1 – Living Area, Zone 2 – Bedrooms and so on


iZone Ducted Air Con control System

iZone gives you total temperature control of each room or zone individually. iZone can operate up to 14 zones on any one system and every room or zone can be at the temperature you want, all the time.

By providing cooling and heating only when and where you need it, iZone climate control systems maximise energy efficiency while reducing running costs.

iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.


What Are The Benefits of Air-con Maintenance?

Every machine requires regular service and up gradation with time. If you do not invest cash today on maintenance of equipment, you see to it to pay a lot more in future facing a substantial repair. The exact same reasoning applies your air conditioner. If your A/c or heat pump does not have upkeep, you can not take pleasure in a comfy life. An a/c unit is an unique piece of machine which is crafted with care and technology. In many cases, it can provide you service for long hours without interruption or issue. However, like various other equipments, it needs time to time upkeep and tune up.
Why is Air-con Servicing Necessary?



We offer minor and major servicing of all types of air conditioners. Our tradesmen are experienced and thorough in their servicing and we are competitively priced. Below is a description of the works completed in a service as well as our pricing.

Minor service 


  • Clean filters in front of fan coil;
  • Clean fan coil at head unit;
  • Flush drain and check operation;
  • Check electrical connections;
  • Check airflow from head unit;
  • Check refrigerant gas pressures at compressor; and
  • Remove any obstructions from outdoor unit.


Major service (Hydro Clean)


Over a period of time, your air conditioner can harvest all sorts of nasty bacteria, dirt and mould. When you turn your air conditioner on, all these harmful particles are released into the air and can spread quickly throughout your home. Even after a minor service of your air conditioner is carried out, there can still be a lot of this bacteria left behind buried deep inside the fan barrel, coil and filters.

Now with our hydro cleaning major service, we can complete a full clean of your split system air conditioner to get rid of these hidden nasties, in a fraction of the time too.

We can fit our hydro cell catchment bag to your air conditioner and complete a full wash out of your unit, without having to pull the whole unit apart, saving a lot of time and money on labour.

Our hydro cell major service will have your air conditioner running as efficiently as ever, looking brand new and will help extend the life of your unit.

  • Clean filters in front of fan coil;
  • Clean fan coil at head unit;
  • Remove and clean covers at head unit;
  • Remove fan barrel and clean;
  • Flush drain and check operation;
  • Check electrical connections;
  • Check airflow from head unit;
  • Check refrigerant gas pressures at compressor; and
  • Remove any obstructions from outdoor unit.




Breakdowns can be frustrating and we understand your needs are urgent and important. Our technicians will act professionally and with courtesy to you and/or your staff & customers at all times. Subject to your approval, many repairs are carried out immediately and the air conditioner is back up and running, reducing the frustration of waiting for the repairs to be completed.

Should this not be the case, we will arrange a report for you as well as a written letter and quote to your insurance company if necessary. We are able to order new parts (if available, for most leading brands) give you a quote for repair and parts, and arrange for a second appointment to have these parts installed so your air conditioner is up and running again as soon as possible.

When your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working as well as usual, there are a few things you can check before deciding to call a technician. Listed below are a few of the most common issues we come across, some are easily fixed, some will need a licensed technician to repair.

The unit doesn’t turn on:

  • Has the circuit breaker been tripped?
  • Is the ‘power’ switch on?
  • Is the unit on ‘heating’ operation? If so, it may need a few minutes to warm-up.


Doesn’t cool/heat effectively:

  • Is the air filter clogged/dirty?
  • Allow time for the room to cool if it is an exceptionally hot day
  • Is the temperature set correctly?

Our technicians are competent, experienced and skilled at solving even the most complex problems. We can have your system up and running in no time



Our Services

We provide a wide range of electrical services, from routine inspections to emergency repairs. We can test your electrical system and determine how well the individual components are working, which is especially useful if you live in an older home with older wiring. If your wiring has weakened or frayed to the point of being dangerous or inefficient, we provide rewiring and upgrade services.

If you’re planning to renovate or upgrade your home, you need to take shifting electrical needs into consideration. We can help you alter the wiring in the remodeled area so you can use all the electrical appliances you want without worrying about the strain on your system. Our professional team takes care of all of the details so you don’t need to.


  • Additional power-points
  • Kitchen and other electrical appliances
  • New buildings and renovations
  • Electrical repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Test and tag
  • Emergency electrical repairs



  • Indoor power point installation
  • Outdoor power point installation



  • Lighting and fans
  • Downlights
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • Garden, patio and drive way lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Floodlighting
  • Exhaust and bathroom fan installations
  • Ceiling fans
  • Exit lights


  • Ceiling fan installation



  • Smoke alarm installations



  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Switchboard repair
  • Switchboard rewiring




  • Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Rangehood




Childcare and Commercial Services

  • Flooring upgrade (Vinyl, Tiles, Carpets)
  • Interior and Exterior painting
  • Kitchen upgrade
  • Playground upgrade
  • Building extension
  • HVAC and Electrical upgrade
  • Shade sail install


Residential Services

We can assist you with all sorts of maintenance that you require whether it is a new renovation, refresh, remodelling or building a brand new house. We have an open licence with Queensland building and construction commission (QBCC) that makes us reliable and enables us to provide  our clients with the assurance that their work is in safe hands.


We offer quality work with reasonable and affordable pricing. We believe that our relationship  with clients  is a significant factor  for  success and that’s why we focus on maintaining a healthy relationship with clients to achieve the desired goal. Our team of skilled, well trained, highly qualified and experienced staff will render services to you as you want after understanding your ideas related to the project. When building we’ll always give proper attention to your thoughts on whole concept. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and enthusiasm to our clients. The dedication and determination we have towards work is our vanity.


We are very passionate about each and every single job that we undertake. For us quality comes first and that is why we always appoint only the best people for every project. We don’t believe in taking chances so we involve our clients in every step of work.  No matter how complicated or big the job is, once you appoint Advanced one builders to it, you can sit back and relax as you can be assured that your work is being done by the best in town.


The safety of both our workers and our clients is of great importance. To us nothing is more valuable than the lives of our employees and customers. That’s why Advanced one builders have a proficient and brilliant team of project managers to ensure safety and risk management.



Home Automation

Home Automation Includes          

  • Wifi touch switches
  • Air con control
  • Curtain
  • TV and appliances


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Great pricing with no surprises.

If you want an idea of price before we come to your home, no problem. We’ll give you an estimate over the phone and if it works out less, we’ll charge you less. If it needs more work, we’ll always check with you first before proceeding. There will be no surprise bills from us. We’re great communicators and will keep you in the loop the whole way.


We’ll treat your home like it’s our own

Our electricians are clean and tidy and will make sure your home is left even better than we found it. There won’t be finger marks, dirty foot prints or other mess left behind. You won’t even know we’ve been there.